Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Festival International de Jazz de Montreal 2008

Have I mentioned I LOVE MONTREAL?

The International Jazz Festival is currently going on (June 26 until July 6th) I think it's by far the coolest 2 week event ever. There are something along the lines of 9 huge outdoor stages where each day from noon until midnight bands perform for free. There are of course also countless pricey concerts with people like Al Green, Aretha Franklin, Yael Naim, Salif Keita, Public Enemy, and HUNDREDS others! The list is ongoing and so is the fun. In addition there are different activities happening, street performences, today they put up a little skatepark, there are parades and of course Food and Drink, Heineken is the Jazz Fest Beer and basically I could spent every day at the Jazzfest and hear great FREE music! :)

In the past week I went 3 times. I saw the Leonard Cohen Tribute, Martha High (she used to play with James Brown) and the Shaolin Temple Defenders, Mayra Andrade, Jack De Keyzer, and this evening Travis Sullivan's Bjorkestra.

Jen and I had a blast whatching 3 shows together! :)

Come to Montreal, the Jazz festival is one of many "musts"!!


wee-fi said...

Yay! That looks so much better than spring fling!!! lol

; )

And you look fabulous as well, of course!

Anonymous said...

love mom