Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Doodles and other play

Working on a new set of collage/photo/doodle greeting cards, here a lil' sneekpeak

Was bored and doodled on one of my sky photographs that I had posted earlier. Just printed it in black and white and lighter and played with it some.

This could become the new pattern for my fabric lithos we'll see. My mom has this anatomy book that inspired me to mix my doodles with some real anatomy imagery. Since everyone has been bugging me about doing exactely that. So here it is.

I had this very strange dream about having a wound and lifting up my own skin to look inside it. But instead of blood I saw these very strange textures.. So now the big question is ... are these texture/pattern induced dreams or am I dreaming up my new textures/patterns?!


Anonymous said...

teal and black is delicious

Anonymous said...

the image of lifting a wound and seeing inside it is disturbing but pretty awesome...
i wonder who you could interpret that visually/aesthetically?

wee-fi said...

Your dreams just get weirder and weirder.

Nice cards though :) I'm gonna make some too so I can bribe you into trading with me lol

Maria Doering said...

oh yeah and the patterns under my skin were green and shiny. how strange is that?

I think I haven't slept a night without having aweful and awkward dreams in a month and a half.

lol fiona bring it on. I don't even remember what your doodles look like .. well i actually have no idea what your doodles look like these days. ;)

Anonymous said...

those are great!

Gig Harbor florist

wee-fi said...

Sorry =/ My computer at home is incredibly frustrating to use so I avoid it at all just shuts off all the time >.< Birthday in Sept = buying myself a gift-a new computer!!! I would bring some doodles to work but I've been working in that really large sketchbook -- once I do some smaller work, I will bring it in to scan.

Maria Doering said...

ok :)