Friday, June 20, 2008

Weekly Update - finally... studio time

Alrighty, so back in the studio. That's right. Here is some work in progress.
I am still working on that collage/painting on wood. Just added a new layer to it. Here are some details of that.

Then I printed the 3rd color on my test silkscreens.

Now that I feel much more comfortable with the technique and the color mixing I went back and cut down half of the edition of the sienna colored litho print that I tested it on. And started editioning with minor color corrections. Joanne lend me her screen, which you see below, Concordia uses aluminum frames.

This is the cut down litho print edition before printing screen on top.

Detail with the red layer.

Screen set up. Squeegy, UV ink, for registration we are using registration tabs. Definitely something that would have been super useful for plate lithography in Hartford. ;)

With the red layer.

I also worked on the stone litho for a couple of hours.

Few out of my studio with some serious clouds ;).

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Anonymous said...

Das sieht alles sehr gut aus...ich mag die rot braeunlichen Farben!
Bussi Mom