Monday, June 16, 2008

My first OWN lil' nest

What an adventure... oh my goodness. So I woke up at 5 am, after barely sleeping at all through out the night, and picked up the Uhaul at 6:30. Drove around the corner to my old apartment and parked it. Then I sat until 7 am on my front step and took in the scenery one last time. 7 sharp I started carrying boxes downstairs, at 7:40 my helper elf showed up and we loaded up this very OLD very rusty 14ft. Uhaul in 2.5 hours. During that time about 3 different neighbors came up to us and showed us that the engine is leaking cooling fluid... leaking as in huge drops of it in 7 second intervals.. basically we had no idea if the truck is going to make it to our destination. After considering the mess we might get into if we call the company, we decided to take the risk and see if we can make it to my new place. If it breaks down on the way we are fucked, if it breaks down after we unloaded.. who cares. ;) So the entire trip took 3 minutes, including waiting time at 2 lights. LoL. WE MADE IT! So then unloading, in the mean time the temperatures outside had risen to 30 degrees Celsius and 90 % humidity. Needless to say it was hot. But we unloaded the truck in an hour and a half marathon after which we drove that ol' boy straight back to it's origin. When we told the guy that the engine is leaking bright green stuff ... he thought it was the aircondition... o.O... lol that thing was so old it had no aircondition.
After an hour break for lunch in the park around the corner it was time to assemble bed, desk and drawing table. Haha... of course we unloaded everything first because we had to drop off the truck asap. So before we could assemble anything we had to dig ourselves through a wall of stuff.
Of course eventually everything major got done, we unpacked books and kitchen stuff and tried to get the chaos under control. At least so I had pathways to get from front door to bathroom, to bed, to desk, to kitchenette. It was mighty tricky ;) and when I woke up bright and early this morning I went right back into it. By 6 pm today my new nest is finally livable. :) And now I am happy and excited to have my own place. Oh god it feels SO GOOD!!!!!
Anyways... after we assembled the bed and desk I started documenting the mess with my camera. So here are some photos of the event:



slowly loosing my mind in the heat, lack of sleep and the chaos.

This morning ... it looks.. worse

Slowly things are finding their destined spot. :)

AHHhhh... it's neverending... but I got my sheer curtains on that beautiful huge window.

So... it's under control! yeay! These are pictures I just took. So straight ahead is the front door. On the left is my walk in closet, which is very organized stuffed up to the ceiling with things and clothes and such.

The Bathroom. With a pretty much brand new bathtub/shower... which is so slippery that I almost fell on my face this morning.

Few from my desk, there is only one big box left to be emptied. And a huge laundry basket... hmm... I am so happy that we have laundry in the building!!!

my lil' fabulous kitchen with a "fume hood" yeay!

The bed/ Couch/ hangout spot ;)

Little fun fact... We have a doorbell system in the front where people have to punch in a number and then they automatically call you. And you can talk to them and let them in. But all this works by telephone. So we programmed the doorbell to my cellphone, meaning, if someone rings the outside doorbell with my apartment number they will get to talk to me on my cellphone (no matter where I am on the planet) and if I hit the number 9, I can open the door for them.. (no matter where I am). I think that's totally the coolest shit ever. ;)


wee-fi said...

Awww-your own place! Now no roommates can kill you lol It's cool you took photos with the chaos-I tried not to. lol Our apartment is chaos at the moment but after this weekend, it will be in better shape. yay!

Maria Doering said...

lol but otherwise people don't know what it took to get it to what it's now! lol the chaos is the fun part ;)

Anonymous said...

Herzlichen Glueckwunsch zum ersten Nest fuer dich allein!
Bussi Mom and Dad