Thursday, May 1, 2008

Weekly Update - it's like a cliff... you run and then you fall.. then you crash.

1. Have been to the studio every day but monday. And slowly I am getting back into work mode. Ready to find my summer work routine... Which is good.

-I am working on 3 small lino cuts. Out of which I already printed 6 colors on 2 of them. And the 3rd one I started today.
-Joanne is teaching me how to do silkscreen with UV inks. Since I have never screened before I am kind of excited to learn something new. The summer is perfect for this since we have the shops to ourselves. If I can pursuade her I might even ask her to teach me the Litho Fuji plates

first layer/transperancy for silkscreen,
hand drawn sharpie paint marker on true grain

First layer with unfinished second layer, transperancy.

I worked on three different color stencils for it, during the past few days.

-On Sunday I am printing Charles' Grandmother's Portrait once more to finish the edition since I am having my fabulous Assistent..aka her grandson help me again.

-I met with a textile specialist at Hexagram today (Concordia's art meets science and engeneering research labs) to find out about an embroidery maschine they have available. I am planning on adding another layer of texture to my weird fabric pieces by letting the machine embroider another pattern onto the fabric. This is going to be pricey though... I have to pay by the stitches. 1000 stitches cost one dollar. Depending on my pattern, and me simplifying it a lot and using a very minimal stitch pattern and hand tracing it in that computer program I should be able to have some specific parts of each sheet of fabrik embroidered with maybe 15000 stitches or something like that.. yea... that would be 15 bucks per sheet of fabric. But I think it'll be worth it!

2. So I might now be able to move until end of June so I might as well use the time and work my butt off. Got nothing better to do... and that's what I am here for.

3. Still waiting for my loans to come in ... desperately..

4. I applied to get my off campus work permit... now I just have to wait for it and then go on job hunt... I wish I would speak french fluently already..

5. I am also concidering signing up for the free French course that the quebec government offers.
6. There are some incoming commission possibilities..

and that's about it.


Anonymous said...

the new image is awesome. The shadowing really adds to it.

Anonymous said...

that was from me...i forgot to write my name