Monday, April 7, 2008

Weekly Update - avec ... pas de photo

Hello Hello HELLLLLO!
I wish everyone a wonderful sunny day! And if it's not sunny where you are don't let it get you down!
Anyways yes I am in a great mood. Why? Because I have been spending everyday, every minute in the studios for one reason or another but basically to do work. My final critique is in 9 days. I am working hard. As always.
I unfortunately can't post any photos because I forgot my camera at home and.. yeah.
What am I doing?

1. Still drawing Grandma Kaka.
2. Printed 11 more pieces of fabric, double sided and will start sewing them today.
3. Printed 3 layers on a linocut for a portfolio exchange book project we are doing with my students. :D Yeay! Will print at least one more color today.
4. Thinking about 20 other things I gotta do.
5. Listening to french lessons on Audio and Audio books by Dan Brown and Christopher Reich.
6. Reading a bit in "The Artist's way"
7. Thinking of new ways to inspire those that I love :)
8. Hired someone to do my taxes for Quebec, Canada. Still need to figure out U.S. taxes.
9. attended mandatory info session for applying for my workpermit, filling out forms and handing in the first 2 to get signatures.
10. Spending Quality time with a couple of wonderful artist's in the printshop ... printing away while listening to ridiculous old school music by Backstreet Boys, Take That, Sprice Girls, Robyn, Robbie Williams, etc. The kind of thing that needs to be done at least once a year to remember good ol' times back in the day! ;)
11. Attended the STRATA vernisage, was a lot of fun and really glad to see so many people there, thanks to Dono who also stopped by! I had mentioned in an earlier entry I would post photos of the opening, unfortunately can't do that because yet again I forgot my camera. :)
But it was lots of huzzle and buzzle and there will be a catalogue as well! :D

Photos of new work will follow possibly tomorrow.

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Keep up the art addiction!!!! Now tell me some Maria facts!
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