Wednesday, April 30, 2008

"SPASTIC" - A Concordia Print Media Visual Arts Show

Little announcement:

The Student Print Association aka SPA and any interested Print Media student at Concordia are showing prints and non-prints at a small show at Blizzarts (3956 Saint-Laurent) .. Actually let me correct that... I actually think it's going to be a relatively large show, Considering that this years entire print-exchange will be displayed in addition to other works.

The show is up from May 6th - 13th and the Vernissage is May 8th ... 7pm - 10pm

Come see our work!

p.s: Blizzarts is a fun bar/lounge place.


Anonymous said...

Och, ich wuerde so gerne kommen...bitte schick spaeter ein paar Bilder!
Bussi Mama

Anonymous said...

hahaha spastic...clever!