Friday, April 25, 2008

Published in Strata Exhibition Catalogue

So the STRATA - MFA Group exhibition that was up April 4rth - April 20th, also published an official all color Catalogue, with essays about each artist's work as well as little Bibliography.
The group of students that organized and designed the whole Catalogue did an incredible job in a very short time! And for the first time there is an essay written about my work and color photographs of it published. So I am psyched. The essay was written by the talented and wonderful Nuria Carton de Grammont who is a Phd student in the Art history department.

That said I can now complain that the reproduced images of my work are a horrid quality, and the essay written about me was never translated from French into English, so mine is one of the few essays published in French. Which is great for the French speaking community. But not for me or anyone I know who might want to read it, since most people I know don't speak a word of French.

So anyways. Since I am proud to be in this catalogue, here are some images of it!


Anonymous said...

Sieht doch gut aus!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

wee-fi said...

that's awesome! know what's weird? Seeing your image like that reminded me of something... you know in the doctors office those posters for ear infections and what they look like? lol yeaaaaaaaaaaaa

Maria Doering said...

haha fi, that's special...
You are right though.. how strange. my prof said that it looks like the inside of a corps... he used to draw from corps all the time.. o.O

Anonymous said...

that's still pretty cool!!!!! even if it's in french