Friday, April 11, 2008

New Item for sale!

I allowed myself an hour break from doing 500 thousand things at the same time and made some custom envelopes and a new set of greeting cards. :)

As always they are for sale on etsy.
I just wanted to emphasize that I don't do Giclees, I don't do "reproductions" or digital "print-outs". All the work I sell are original linocuts, or lithographs. I've had several people contact me and ask me if the greeting cards are giclees and ... NO, :) they are not and they never will be! If you don't know what I am talking about when I say linocut or lithograph, or printmaking in general check out this SITE!
Thank you to the Moma for making such a great site!! And to those who know printmaking, check it out anyways, it's brilliant!
Also I have almost 2 hours left worth of drawing on the stone litho and then I am etching it. (I am scared!! AHH!) :) But I am super excited to print it on Sunday!
Other than that, I got some chickenwire mesh ( whole 50 dollars worth) yesterday, to start playing with the structure I want to stretch/pin my weird fabric bits to. So it can take over the world! :)

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