Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Mid-week assessment - Winter might not be gone yet but Spring has arrived!

Good morning Sunshine! ... I mean Montreal! ... I mean of course Good morning EVERYONE! Actually it's late for morning, I've been up since 7 so the day is not that young anymore.

Shipped out another etsy order by the wonderful wonderful Vroni who has decided to just buy anything and everything from my shop. Lol hey! Who knows maybe it's a good investment.. or maybe she just knows something no oneelse knows yet!

It's definitely fabulous! The profit is going straight to Art-competition Applications! Whooho!

Did the usual, pay the bills take care of some "maybe" customers and so on and so forth.

I have a meeting with a professor in a couple of minutes just to get some feedback on my work while I am making it, before the final crit.

Well anyways so what's been happening.

Kaka is ALMOST DONE! can you believe it? It's been over a month of obsessive drawing!! AHH!

Maybe another 5-7 hours of work and she is ready to etch with Gum arabic and nitric acid, and then process and second etch, and then finally printing! Signed up for the press to print her on Sunday! Let's pray all goes well! :)

Then, I am sewing these weird thingys obsessively. I have 11 more sheets to sew, and have some ideas to make them look really crazy for the critique. But I won't give that one away yet ;). Just wait and see!

Finished printing these and they are also dry now so I am sewing away in any free minute that I am not running around, or drawing litho, or doing a lino cut... or .. or .. or..

Oh yeah.. lino cut... Kind of got tricked into doing another linocut for a book-edition REALLY last minute ;) But it'll be exciting to get a book with everyone of the masterprinter student's work in it! yeay!
gotta run!
P.S.: This is my song of the week: ENJOY!


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

make the fabric bigggggeeeerrrrrr. rooms of it. rooms of it. yessssssssssssssssss.......

Maria Doering said...

that's the plan eventually... will be the whole summer of work to get that done. Since printing on the fabric alone is so much work. I also want to sew a dress out of it ... so that I can wear my inside outside.

Anonymous said...

actually, that fabric thing makes me feel uneasy. I like it a lot, its just I dunno, it's like it's invading my space via internet and will soon overcome me entirely until I can't breathe. but fashion

kaka is ridiculous!!!! look at the shirt and neck!

all my etsy sales go to art competitions too. they are addicting and such a gamble...bastards

Maria Doering said...

ahh.. i think i am pretty much done with kaka! I am so scared to etch this stone!!! AH!!!!

lol I like what you are telling me about the fabric racheal! ;)
That means there is something powerful happening ;). I just bought 50 bucks worth of chickenwire to create the structure this stuff is going to be invading ;)