Sunday, April 13, 2008

the good and the bad.

1. I finished the lino cut..

2. I printed aka editioned the Lithostone with Charles' Grandmother on it today. And it went smoooother than smoooth! It's incredible how much quicker and easier printing is when one has an Assistant AND when the Assistant is GOOD.. AND when for some crazy reason the image prints absolutely perfectly! Charles sponged for me, and he also helped me place the paper as well as afterwards put it to dry and press. And he paid attention and helped me count the passes I was doing since I kept forgetting which one we were on. Basically he is hired for future endevours if he is up to it :).

Of course I do not have a photo of the printed litho yet .. haha what a tease.. I know. I'll photograph it tomorrow. It looks perfekt!

But I'll show you what the stone looked like before doing the first etch and then prior to the second gum/nitric etch.

3. I lost my keys. It's a major disaster and I am going to continuesly go through the motions to maybe be lucky and find them again. Until then... FUCK! (excuse the language) ... And I am too stressed and to upset to take any: "Why can't you keep your shit together..."-I told you so's. So please have mercy and just swallow it.. I know you want to rub in my face that I am a big loser. But I can't take it right now. ;)

4. My very own hero offered today to beat up some evil villains for me if I want it. Even if he would never do that because he is a man of words and not violence. I kind of totally love that he offered. ;)

5. My friend Marie sent me photos that we took right before she moved back to Europe. Canada is known for it's Maple sirop. So especially during the winter they have Sugar shacks all over the place where they have a tray with "snow" onto which they pour hot maple syrop. So that you can peel it out of the ice and twist the sticky stuff onto a stick. And then attempt to eat it without getting it stuck in your hair, have it drip all over your clothes ( still got some stuck to my coat) or have it run down your hands. So Marie got a kick out of taking photos of me struggling with it!


Anonymous said...

Hallo Maria!
Bis aud den Schluessel scheint ja alles bestens zu sein. Was so ein Assistent ausmacht....hihihi darauf bin ich auch schon gekommen!
Ich bin schon auf das Resultat gespannt!
Bussi Mama

Anonymous said... servant..same thing:)

I miss seeing that scarf and the face that attaches to it.