Friday, April 11, 2008

7 things that Inspire me.

I was tagged by the wonderful Racheal, and since I am currently finding any excuse to not do any work here is my response to the tag. First of all I decided to alter the "share 7 random facts" I am going to share 7 things that inspire me.

1. Sunshine (of any sort and on anything. for instance when I wake up in the morning and see the light sculpt around Charles' back. Or the way the sun shines through foliage and puts crazy patterns onto people's skin.)

2. When it's so warm outside that even the wind feels hot and it feels like it carresses ones body

3. Cooking. There is something incredibly meditative and inspiring about chopping veggies and cooking something delicious.

4. Talking with people about art. Or the feelings that art gives us. And finding out about their artistic process, which is honestly even more interesting to me most of the time than their actual work. I love seeing people's studio spaces and work places as well as read about what their daily routine is and how they do it.

5. Taking a bath/or a shower. It's unbelievable how many ideas I get and how clear I can think while in water. Water in general inspires me. The river, the ocean..etc.. I don't think I want to live somewhere where there is no body of water near by.

6. Sending mail to people. I don't know why but there is something very very satisfying about writing letters or making packages and bringing them to the post office... But it has to involve the post office! Or it's just not the same!

7. Music. Sound in general. I am very sound sensitive, which is a good and a bad thing. Which means the sounds and music I want depends on my mood. But my mood depends often on the sounds and music I am surrounded by. Putting on the right music can turn the worst day into the best.

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