Monday, March 31, 2008

Weekly Update

Sooo... to keep my self in check here is some progress that is happening ever so slowly. The annoying part about the end of the semester is of course that's the time of the semester where you technically have the least time to work on your projects because 20 other things are going on are wanted by you. Hate that. but anyways. Kaka is slowly coming along. I finally flipped the reference so I don't feel like such an idiot anymore and it's actually moving a long MUCH faster since I did that, instead of looking at the mirror image while I am drawing. She is definitely getting there. My goal was to finish her this week and then print her as soon as Charles has time to stop by the studio. He promised he would come help print her that way he knows what I am doing with this anyways. Try to explain Lithography... it's a tough one for non-visual artists :).

I stuck to my plan of getting french in audio version to help me learn. So I am listening to 3 lessons each time I am working on her. At the moment just repeating them until I know them by heart but the most amusing and most useful phrase I learned so far... Je suis perdu! (I am lost!) ;)

I've also been speaking french for at least an hour with Charles and his brother Service every time I come to his place. So I am struggling slowly but I am getting there. It's just a matter of sticking to it.

So here is my fabric weirdness update. still not sure what I am doing here but I am "doing". I am working on the 5th sheet right now. Then I think it's time to buy more fabrik and make more of these.. how cool would it be if this would cover a wall from ceiling to floor? STRANGE! But I like it. So I'll keep doing it. lol.


Anonymous said...

Hallo mein Kind!
Geht es dir gut?Ich finde Kaka sieht schon ganz gut aus...ich finde Falten schoen! :-)
Am Donnerstag gehts schon wieder nach Hause...Papa vermisst mich Hat er gesagt!
Bussi deine Mama

Anonymous said...

kaka is siiick looking. look at the wrinkles!

being an artist is the coolest can sketch and learn a language all in one. people envy us.

the scarves look like mushrooms or are they being presented? hung on a wall?

Maria Doering said...

Wait until you see the updated version of Kaka... then we can talk wrinkles! :D
It cracks me up that you call them scarves. :) they will be tacked on the wall .. i printed more would love to cover a section of a wall floor to ceiling with it.