Friday, March 14, 2008

This is where I am at... and this is what's up.

I've been kind of sick and not feeling well at all lately, the weather is also not helping. Yesterday was basically the only sunny day in weeks. It's been snowing forever and ever and ever.. But anyways. Yesterday I cleaned my drawers, my studiospace and organized my prints because I had no idea where I am at. Some prints are in progress some are finished, some need only one more layer but I keep starting new projects instead of finishing one thing. So this helped me get an overview, I also cleaned and signed the SPA edition print which I finished last week.

So here some photos of what's up.

The finished reduction linocut. turned out to be an edition of 40 for the SPA exchange and a second edition of 14 for myself. Some extras that I trimmed down to postcard size are going to be for sale in my shop soooonish.
I entitled it: "Feel that?"

It was time to hang everything up that is going on... other than the SPA print everything else
is printed on 22"x 30" size Rives BFK white and cream. And Some on Ricepaper that is a bit smaller than 22x30 inch. Other than the print of my mother and the print right below her everything else is in progress and not seen as finished yet.

I think I need at least 2 more texture layers on this one.

Once I get that lithoplate to work again I am planing on editioning this on ricepaper doublesided again.

That one is already printed doublesided.

Every layer I've been printing I've also printed on this one to look and see what happens.. Not quite sure what I think about it yet.

Then I am also working on a HUGE lithostone . :)

It so far only has the super complicated iron oxide guideline drawing on it. I'm slowly fighting my way through the pattern of her shirt.... oh man that little corner down there took me 7 hours of work already. Since I don't know and probably couldn't pronounce her name anyways I call her "Grandma - Dono" ;).

Detail of that insane pattern :).


Anonymous said...

Hallo Maria!
Ach, das sieht alles sehr interessant das Martin und wer ist das auf der linken Seite? Oma Almuth?
Hab dich lieb!
deine Mama

Maria Doering said...

Jo genau. Alles noch nicht fertig. Ich bin mir auch noch nicht sicher ob das Oma Almuth bild nicht noch in etwas ganz anderes veraendert wird. :)
Und Martin ist auch noch nicht fertig.
Bussi, hab dich auch lieb!

Anonymous said...

Ok, so there is the usual Maria art: portraits, hands, bodyscapes. Then there is abstract Maria art: inside of body, patterns, forms.

Have you experimented with combining the two?
The detail of that photo is ridiculous!!!!!!!!!!!!
Kepp going (when you feel better of coarse).

Maria Doering said...

that has been ultimately the problematic question.. how to combine the 2... i'm trying to figure that out...

Anonymous said...

Wow you have definetly been busy up there my German. I'm loving the 5th one down. You know the one that you think needs more texture layers.
:) trish

Maria Doering said...

thank you Trish. :) I actually printed one more layer on it.. still not quite sure if it's finished.. might have to make a plate with bubbles... we'll see ;).