Monday, March 24, 2008

My weekly assessment of what's new.

Easter monday .. woke up at 6:45 am left the house with Charles bright and early, we both felt like we were the only people going to work this morning. The Metro is on holiday schedule so it only went every 6-12 minutes.. instead of every 3 minutes during rushhour. And yet it wasn't super full as it usually is. Strangeness.. I like waking up that early because I go to my studio space and get work done in the morning sunlight... it's quite nice. But today I also felt like I am the only one walking into the building. The hallway in front of my studio as well as the hallway infront of the printshop doesnt even have lights on. kind of creepy but at the same time I am enjoying the silence.

So I did a lot this past week.. but most of it was a huge waste of my time... like financial things, freaking out about life and such.

I also did a bit of printing and working on my art, I doodled a lot as can be seen in the previous post.

So first i printed another layer onto that most recent body interior.. print ... this is what it looks like at this stage.. i am contemplating making up an plate with "bubbles" because I feel like that's the last element that is missing.. these little 'airbubbles' or something that I would like to add.. I had a plate but it didn't print very well last semester so I trashed it... well it was a huge pain in the but to make "bubbles" with tusche- water-wash and salt... but I might just have to suck it up and do it again.

I printed the other side of these... these are examples of what it looks like hanging from either side on either fabric... Not quite sure which side should be the front though... any preference.. anyone?

And I have been drawing "Kaka" relentlessly.
Charles told me grandmother in kabalaye is "Kaka" so instead of Grandma Dono I call her "Kaka". I just can't stare at a person for days and draw every detail without having a name for them. ;)
I think I spent about 60 hours on this one so far.. many more to go, but hey she's got a nose and 2 ears already. :D We are getting there! yeay! If I draw on one area for too long I get bored so I keep switching it up. ;)
There is just a tiny problem starting to evolve... I am listening to these German "Die Drei ???" aka" the 3 detectives" audio plays while I am working on her.. And while I do that I could draw for days straight without interruption it's nice. Keeps my mind engaged. Vroni had supplied me with about 50 or so episodes of those stories... well I am slowly finishing them up.. and what am I going to listen to now?!?!AHHH!! I start thinking I should get myself one of those audio learn french tapes.. or something and listen to that instead... damn it i need to learn french i feel like I haven't made any progress in the past 2 months. I NEEED TO SPEAK FRENCH!! Ahhhh!
So this is what's up right now... I am trying to figure out my next "move" I'll let you know what next ... as soon as I know ;).


Anonymous said...

I love the inside print. The bubble idea is cool...interesting to see how that comes out!
Kaka is going to be ridiculous when it's done!!!! The DETAILS!! AHH!! They are the best part. I listen to dvds on my laptop while I work but also podcasts...I'll send ya a link to one on art and healing. I second the learning french.

Anonymous said...

oh yea...I like the black and white as an interior for the fabric...but I think it depends on what you make with it...

Maria Doering said...

I worked on Kaka today for 8 hours.. it's crazy! Can't wait to print her! :) But that's not going to happen before end of next week. Lots more to do!
Oh yeah please hook me up with the links!
I found out today that I can get all sorts of audio plays at la bibliothec national du quebec or whatever it's called.. basically a ginormous national archives building thing the biggest library i've ever seen... they should be able to hook me up with french audio lessons too!