Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Mid-week assessment


First of all we finally found out that our final critique got moved to a week earlier, so it is now held the 16th and 17th of April, I'm the first one to go on April 16th at 10 am.

Second of all I finished my little sketchbook... WHOOHOO.. yes I'm proud of it :). VERY MUCH so.

Third of all... I REALLY love the Dollarstore next to the Metro Guy Concordia. It's right next to the entrance to my building at school. And I really love it. I mean where else can you get 2 rolls of thread, a whole set of sewing needles, a set of 6 non-name cutting knifes (like xacto), tape and sponges all together for just 5 bucks. AHH I love it. But no not all dollarstores are that fabulous. There is one near my apartment that is totally overpriced, barely anything in there actually is 1 dollar. I basically got thread and needles to start doing some experimental sewing on those fabric prints.

So this is what happened so far...

And last but not least... I continued working on Kaka so here is proof of my unbearable relentless patience... ;)


Anonymous said...

Hey! Your fabric work makes me not despise printmaking so much!

Keep up the good work. Seriously.

Maria Doering said...

oh so much hatred and so much love all in one sentence! you are the master of sweet-sour sauce!
thanks though.

wee-fi said...

I can't wait to see how the heck this ends up because I can't visual it at all lol which makes it AWESOME


Maria Doering said...

well the funny thing is ... i can't visualize it either.. i'm just doing what the material is telling me.. ;) But doing that without a plan is nice.. feels really good!

Anonymous said...

Hallo Maria!
Das sieht jetzt schon gut aus...Charles Oemchen!
Bussi deine Mama
Gruesse von Oma und Opa Brumm

Maria Doering said...

Haha,danke mama, ich hab grade 2 minuten dein post angeguckt weil ich nicht gerafft habe was "charles oemchen" bedeuten soll. LOL. Wenn ich oemchen hoere denke ich eigentlich nur an mein oemchen ;) und war dann nicht sicher was es auf sich hat mit "charles und oemchen" ;) anways. bin von der leitung getreten
hab euch lieb! bussi