Sunday, March 23, 2008

Kim-chi making and a feast!

The person I shadow for my Flesh and Form/Artist process seminar class is Mi-Jeong aka MJ, shadowing her has been a delightful experience... basically it consists of us eating. Whenever we spent time together we eat. And I think today was the ultimate climax of eating with her. ;)

She invited me to come over and make the traditional korean super healthy cabbage dish "Kim-chi". So I thought... okay sweet.. go over there check out what she is doing and meet some people and then head to the studio. Turns out that it was really a kim-chi-making feast. So we cut HUGE amounts of raddish and korean cabbage. She put HUGE amounts of korean red pepper (so it's quite spice) there was also fish oil and shrimp paste as well as lots of spring onions added.

So we spent at least an hour and a half chopping veggies and preparing for the kim-chi to be made, and as we (Janet, Marine,Annie, Stephan and I) chopped away MJ cooked a whole feast for us. Cabbage/anchovie soup, tofu/mushroom/spinach stirefry and a delicious fish dish with i believe potatoes and onions. Oh and of course I forgot the korean scallops,shrimp pancakes and the rice. But this wasn't enough in order for us to have the hole kim-chi making experience she made us fried cabbage that she dipped into a flour/egg dough. Once it was fried we dipped it into a dark soysauce/sesame oil/sesame mixture. And these where made to be eaten as we are preparing the kim-chi. This was a fantastic experience! :) Despite the fact that the food was delicious I met a bunch of great people who are just literally soaked in the entire "Asian- experience". Annie and Stephan are Quebecois but might as well be asian, they know more about Asia then any actual Asian person I have ever met. Fascinating evening!



Anonymous said...

Och, das sieht aber gut aus....haette ich auch mitgegessen!Ein dickes Bussi und Gruesse von allen hier aus old germany deine Mama

Maria Doering said...

war auch super lecker! :) liebe gruesse zurueck!
miss you!

Anonymous said...

omg! look at that bowl!!!! that's like a pot to plant a baby tree.

Maria Doering said...

I KNOW! They sell it specifically for making kim-chi. MJ said that when they have kim-chi day at home they make 10 times as much! can you imagine? CRAZY!