Tuesday, March 4, 2008

I'm productive... I SWEAR!! linocut almost finished..

Ok friends, so I see I am boring you with not posting enough. So here is a little photo-post on the process/progress of my my most recent linocut. It actually is only one colorlayer away from being completed but I am posting it anyways for you guys. So please keep reading the next weeks there will be a load more work posted!
While Vroni was here visiting from Germany she took some photos of me printing, she also took a couple of videos that I want to edit together eventually to show the actual printing process.

So this print I am working on is for a print-exchange for the Student Print Association (SPA) at Concordia. The edition is 40, but I am printing 63, so I have some extras for myself as well.
The exchange has no theme but linocut works well for large editions. And since my lithographs and monotypes are exploring a very different category I am enjoying the little break from my conceptual thinking and am doing a reduction linocut. Those of you who received a Christmas card 2007 from me... Same process!

Here we have the first layer ... aka yellow. with just a couple small bits carved out.

THis is what the linoblock looked like when I inked it up for the second color. As you can see it has a littttle bit more carved out.
3 color layers.

This is the actual print with 4 different color layers, printed.

layer 3 or 4 on the blanket of the offset press during printing.

Rolling out ink on the glass palette/table and charging the roller with ink.

This is what the 5th color layer looked like on the block. As you can see much more of it is carved out and the color I am printing is a dark purple.

On the left print before 5th layer. On the right with the 5th color layer.

On the right 5th colorstage. On the left with the newest layer ... color number 6.

When the shop gets too busy or noisy I retreat to my studio space where I listen to German audiostories or music and entertain myself by reading the blogs of my friends ;).

This is one stage away from the being finished. I just carved the last layer and am ready to print.. as soon as the undergrads get off the press . :)


Anonymous said...

Das sieht doch schon ganz gut aus.. Bussi deine Mama

Maria Doering said...

danke mutti!

Anonymous said...

your lookin' good!
so is that linocut!