Sunday, February 3, 2008

Some work in Progress.

So I decided to show some work in progress .. long before it being finished.
My imaginary exploration of the body's interior has led me to the first layer of the following image. I am basically working on building an intuitive vocabulary, trying to describe what is happening on the inside of my body, how i imagine it merged with a heightened sense of awareness of how I feel on a daily basis, and how close I have to pay attention to all of it's complexity. As I printed the interior bodyscape last semester I made up all these layers and layers and tried different ways of combining them.
I am going to reuse some of those lithoplates with those textures. But also add new textures.

The plate below is completely unfinished, I photographed the actual ballgrain plate i am working on at the moment. I am doing this drawing with autographic ink, which means after etching and processing this lithoplate all the lines you see will be solid black. Of course I am not going to print it in solid black ontop of the layer seen above. But it is definitely going to be one layer of the print in progress.

I'm also working on a monotype at the moment, which has reached it's ugly stage at the moment.. therefore I am not planing on posting it until it is finished.

That's all for Right now. :)

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