Thursday, February 28, 2008

Photography by Dono Bei C.

I've been quite busy these past days, in addition to printing my linocuts and lithographs, I finally found my way back into the darkroom. Dono entrusted me a roll of black and white film that he shot in Chad when he visited his family this past year. It was wonderful and exciting to develope it and I spent 7 hours non-stop printing the photos in the Darkroom. I couldn't stop once I started because they are absolutely stunning images. Taken with lots of love and an incredible sense of detail. Turns out Dono is not just a great musician and writer he is also a good photographer.

The one photo that stood out the most is the photograph of his Grandmother. We agreed on the fact I am going to use it as reference for a large stone lithograph.




The Photographs shown above were taken by Dono Bei C. and developed and printed by Maria Doering.

p.s: Check out the new H'sao music!


Anonymous said...

Beautiful faces......young and old!

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