Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Doodle #94

This doodle is a tribute to the restaurant that screwed up a simple tuna sandwich and ruined my entire day simply because they could not remember that I told them 6 times to not get any raw tomato near my sandwich. The Chef forgot.. put the tomato on it... then took it off and put it on the side of the plate... So therefore Tuna looked safe, I ate it, I had reaction, and barely made it back to my bag for my inhaler. I will never eat there again. The end. This Doodle is my attempt of articulating how I felt inside.

You are witnessing the Doodle-off (olympic) Finale ... 4 more days! Until official cut-off day!

Who will bring home the glorious torch? Who will pass on the fire to the next generations of DOODLE MASTERS?

the German ( you are viewing her)

the scot

the American


Anonymous said...

for an event that could have been tragic, i think these ones are supercute.

Maria Doering said...

lol definitely depends on the viewer ;)