Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Doodle #66

I think this is my favorite... out of all of them. :) Maybe...


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this is part of the DOODLE- OFF
100 doodles in 1 month (ends Feb.10th)
the german (you are currently viewing her)
the american
the scot

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Anonymous said...


Maria Doering said...

:) danke schoen mutti.

GreenSpaceGoods said...

gotta say the german wins this one :)

wee-fi said...

I love this! So good!

Maria Doering said...

Greenspacegoods: aw thank you very much for commenting! I checked out your profile and noticed you guys are from Atlanta? My family moved near there! How did you find my blog?

Fiona: <3

Racheal said...

it is pretty sweet. won't lie

GreenSpaceGoods said...

Hi! I found you through Rachael aka The Little Illustrator's blog. She and I "know" each other from Etsy and I try to check out the doodle competition from time to time.

Yep, we're in Atlanta. It's a pretty cool place :)