Sunday, January 27, 2008

Doodle #63

my grad project prof said this to me during a presentation/crit of my work last week.
that was his critique.. not the first time i heard that ... surely don't know how to fix that problem though.. lol

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Anonymous said...

Not being a dick:

You actually think that's a compliment?

Either that's the harshest thing I've heard in a while or you need to kick your professor in the nutsack.

When I finally commit to being a real grad student rather then the make believe one I am right now I would totally choke slame a professor who said that shit to me! THAT'S NOT CONSTRUCTIVE!

Either way, good job with the many doodles!

Maria Doering said...

lol.. jimmy i am well aware of the fact that it's not a friggin' compliment. but what in the world am i supposed to do about it since it is not constructive.
Most citizism i have heard here is that my work is too nice.. the prints are toooo well printed.. blablarblar... i was like..uhhhhm if i was a photographer no one would be worried that my prints are too technically well printed.. what the hell? Just coz i know how to do printmaking. But whatever. No I am taking the grad shit quite seriously and i am at a very conceptual school here... but i don't know what to say to that ?!

Anonymous said...

now why is it that jimmy only responds on maria and fi's blogs?
am i not worthy enough?
or is he too intimidated?

i might have just opened a can of worms..

Maria Doering said...

lol racheal, he might think you are too fragile for his hardcore shit ;) ... hahaha... or he is scared of the rath of the woman with no hands ;)

Anonymous said...

i could be both.
you just never know..

Anonymous said...

thats a hell of a problem to have

Maria Doering said...

trish, it actually is because if someone tells me my work is crap i know how to fix that.. but if someone critiques me negatively by saying it's too nice.. i do not know how to fix that one.