Saturday, January 26, 2008

Doodle # 59

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rach said...

this brings me back to drawing class freshman year where Fred made us do contour corn drawings.
the beauty in ugly decaying corn

Anonymous said...

Ich sehe Weintrauben yummy!

Maria Doering said...

:D rotting corn.. vs and grapes... I am amused guys!

the way i start most of these doodles is just a line... and most of the time things morph out of that line :) it's very enjoyable

Anonymous said...

you start with a line a line of what may I ask

Anonymous said...

oh and corn is icky

Maria Doering said...

trish: yeah corn is definitely your arch enemy.
i just make a line or a mark with my pen onto the paper. often without thinking just spontaineous.. and then once the first or maybe even the second line is there i start building and then i make decisions when to stop, what shapes i feel like drawing..etc..