Thursday, January 24, 2008

Doodle # 51

Ah I am OVER half way through the doodle-off!!! Ahhh!!!


Doodle - off competition on Blogger

the german ( you are currently in her blog)
the scot
the american

100 doodles in 1 month
cut off day: February 10th.

***person with the most comments = Ultimate Doodle Master ***


Anonymous said...

these. are. AMAZING!
who knew the muscles and insides of the body could inspire sexy art

Maria Doering said...

:D i'm thinking on doing a huge lithoplate with an autographic litho ink drawing of these...

Anonymous said...

you should do that the lithoplate thing

Maria Doering said...

thanks, I AM doing that lithoplate thing :) see most recent posts