Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Doodle # 44


can you feel the heat?

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racheal said...

i love these little feather chunks? lol. so cute

Anonymous said...


Maria Doering said...

lol i love how u use the word chunks and cute all in one lol

wee-fi said...

two words: shuttle cock.

Maria Doering said...


racheal said...

actually....i was thinking the same thing fi!!!
shuttlecocks....those birdies you use in badmiton.
just to clarify..

Maria Doering said...

ohhhhhhhh. ohkay now i understand. lol. welll when you don't know what that means you imagine a shaken ... yeah. well.. okay. haha

nick said...

Arno Carstens - The Act

Anonymous said...

fans but i can see shuttle cock's as well

Maria Doering said...

thanks nick :). I couldn't find the song but i found the lyrics to it.