Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Doodle #41


can you feel the heat?

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Anonymous said...

it reminds me of poppies:)
does it say "the first time i saw you you were doing the ventihlator?"

Maria Doering said...

jupp... lol. marc just gave me the video on dvd that he did of the new years 2008 party.. oh man hillarious.. there is a whole 4 minutes where charles and i are arguing about how supposedly i danced the ventilator when he saw me the first time... lol.. and he thought i didn't know what a ventilator is .. so he mimicked a fan and blew into it.. lol of course while we were both drunk.

Anonymous said...

i like this one....dont ask why?!

Maria Doering said...

lol ..mama.. why? :p

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

whats the ventihilator?? and it looks like bicycle wheels

Maria Doering said...

ventilateur: a fan... ventilator...
but it's also when a girl dances at a club and moves her behind in the fashion of a ventilator ;) lol