Saturday, January 19, 2008

Doodle #25

Was sitting on the bus earlier today. And was planing on doodling instead my attention got caught by something else and my pen started making marks from the vibrations of the bus.. once i realized it I just went for it :). Kind of a strange thing when you try to record movement...


The race is still on...
Who will make it to the title of Ultimate Doodle Master?
the Scot
the American

100 doodles in one month, the person with the most comments = ultimate doodle master


Racheal said...

yo it looks crazy when you enlarge the pic. it looks planned but it's random.
do more like this.
i want to try one!

Maria Doering said...

haha i could do a whole study on bus and metro ride doodles... just trying to document there movement with a definitely strange..

Anonymous said...

follow the yellow brick road