Saturday, January 19, 2008

Doodle #24

Sometimes the people you step next to on the metro will clearify the obvious without realizing.
"not every relationship starts with a date! some people never date!" again a piece of conversation caught in the metro between two strangers.

The race is still on...
Who will make it to the title of Ultimate Doodle Master?
the Scot
the American

100 doodles in one month, the person with the most comments = ultimate doodle master


racheal said...

hahaha. syd had her friends over today and i took my headphones off just in time to hear the conversation from her guy friend:
"'cmon let's play spin the bottle, what, are you afraid of me kissing you Spencer?"
::They all laugh::
"What? It's between friends"
It never went down. They played a lame game of truth or dare in the end.

Maria Doering said...

oh man that reminds me so much of the good old times of spin the bottle. what an awkward age that was... and then the sophomore year spin the bottle in regents.. oh boy... never combine 4 bottles of wine with spin the bottle...

Anonymous said...

whats all this spin the bottle when where ill be there

Maria Doering said...

that happened before i knew you :) that was sophomore year at UHA

Anonymous said...

we should have another one

will travel for spin the botttle

Maria Doering said...

lol... that sounds fun the only problem is we need men in the game and i dont really feel like making out with random dudes.. i kind of grew out of that age lol