Thursday, January 17, 2008

Doodle #20 - #22

Doodle #20

Doodle # 21

Doodle #22

Who will become ultimate Doodle Master?!
Check out the other contestants! You have a vote! Just comment on our doodles!
The American
The Scot

Leave a comment, please:)
Total # of comments= the Ultimate Doodle Master


by the way friends, Racheal has changed her blog address so to view "the American" in this doodle competition please go to
because she is totally ahead in doodling and need some serious comments!!!


Anonymous said...

Hallo mein Kind!
Nummer 20 ist schoen,sieht aus wie das Federkleid von einem Pfau!
Bussi Mama

Anonymous said...

You're really keen on cobble stones now.

Racheal said...

i dunno what mama doering said but 20 is awesome..and 22...and 21.

20 looks like van gogh in ink

Maria Doering said...

mama doering said that number 20 looks like the feather-dress of a peacock. :)
nick says they are cobble stones and you say its van gogh in ink :D i like i like.. ;)

Anonymous said...

#20 makes me dizzy

Maria Doering said...

haha trish, i can see that. ;) you would be literally trippin' balls ;)