Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Doodle #2

Who will become ultimate Doodle Master?!
Check out the other contestants! You have a vote! Just comment on our doodles!
The American
The Scot

Leave a comment, please:)
Total # of comments= the Ultimate Doodle Master


Anonymous said...

very pretty Maria... they remind me of flower! Laura

Maria Doering said...

=) the drawing i did on the page before hand had bled through the paper and left all these dots.. so i decided to circle them all without taking my pen off... so it's all one line basically.

Anonymous said...

Its a crazy strand of pearls!!!

Maria Doering said...

lol :D this is turning to a rather funny guessing game.. and the winner isssssss....?!

rach said...

this is too cute!
I'm sending you posters by the way.

Anonymous said...

like a necklace I bought for a girl once

Maria Doering said...

super excited for the posters, racheal!! :D

anonymous ... is this niklas again? or are you a different anonymous? ;)

nick said...

I started posting as anonymous, but I'm nick now.

Maria Doering said...

haha thanks for clearifying that niklas. ;) but thanks so much for taking the time and sharing ur thoughts with us.