Sunday, January 13, 2008

Doodle #17 + #18 + #19

Doodle # 17

Doodle # 18

Doodle #19

I'm just going to continue the Doodle- off because I am really enjoying the fact that I have another motivation to draw.
And because I want to see if I can do it and get 100 done.


Anonymous said...

yes yes!!! please continue!
i have about 18 doodles coming your way but don't stop because i'm slow to post.

i like the direction your going in with them. i really like these little circle/pebble let me see more!!!!
i think the winner might have to be whoever makes it to 100. haha.

Anonymous said...

I like #18!

Maria Doering said...

:) thanks racheal because i was getting discouraged and kind of felt like a looser to be the only one posting :) but i am glad u are working on them! :) they've actually become a sort of release for me. its good. and i can't help but draw these circles a lot.

Racheal said...

a few things:
1. i suggest starting here and then moving forward to newer posts
2. i sent you some posters. i'm an IDIOT and changed my blogger name. could you NICELY write my new address www.THELITTLEILLUSTRATOR.BLOGSPOT.COM
lol. but, if anything, hopefully someone will go to yours and fionas and click a link to mine...which btw, do u mind updating? haha.
so demanding i am.

Anonymous said...

i knew!!!

Maria Doering said...

knew what?