Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Winter Wonderland?!?!?! AH! ... Con't

This is what it looked like at Charles' back door this morning. Quite beautiful.

So.. it's still snowing.. yeah. I decided yesterday that I rather get snowed in at Charles' place then by myself so equipped with more cookies, and some work that I could do at his place I fought my way through the snow storm.
So we ate lots of food, watched a couple of Episodes of the 2nd season of Stargate Atlantis and bummed around.
I worked on my christmas cards and finished them about half way through.
At one point we ran outside to buy some salt and pick up some stuff, it looked like we walked on diamonds the snow was sparkling as if it was fake. And I duffed Charles' in the face with a snowball. LoL and then he payed me back ... ha and I had snow up my nose and in my mouth.

And this is my street, when I walked home from the Metro earlier. Apparently our street doesn't get plowed which means, and Laura and I don't even have a snow shovel as far as I know.. lol so walking home and getting out of my apartment is quite amusing, my legs disappear knee deep in the snow.

So anyways, enough procrastination. Time to finish my research paper, that needs to be dropped off Wednesday night or Thursday morning.
Oh and I am flying to Georgia NEXT WEEK! :D

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