Monday, December 17, 2007

Maria is back in the house.. i mean merry christmas

Hohoho ... my loyal Readers!

we put up the christmas tree last night and that turned into ...
"hey look maria is home, lets take fotos with her"

Margrit "Mama" Doering et moi.

Martin "bro" Doering and I.

Christmas Elf Thomas "Papa" Doering and Bad Santa Maria.

Mietze et moi.

it's good to be home. :)


Anonymous said...

Sche sa ma.... ;-)

Racheal said...

haha. i love the doerings!
your brother is thinking :damn, i'm the shit"

i didnt know you had a cat. at least your not allergic to something.

wee-fi said...

hallo doering family!!! And meatball ; D haha

Maria Doering said...

oh haha .. racheal i am totally allergic to the cat.. and i've been sneezing ever since i entered the house and but i love her sooooo much. So I wash my hands fifty times a day and weeze my way through the stay.

Racheal said...

i should've known. lol