Saturday, December 1, 2007

And yet again.. Maria and the Mailänder... Round 4!

This time around Joanne Madeley, one of the students I TA for assisted me in printing the 3rd Color on my lithograph.
Chan, one of our Monitors and Joanne chatting, while I am preparing everything for printing.

I'm printing a yellow/orange color from a ball grain plate that I did a water wash on.
Here are both, visible, the ball grain litho plate and the print, as well as the charged blanket in the back.

Here I am sponging water on the greasy plate so that the white area's won't pick up greasy ink and fill in ;).

Those are the automated inking rollers that will charge the lithoplate with ink for me. They make printing A LOT EASIER!

Joanne is taking the print off the press with her clean hands and placing them in the drying rack, before she drops the next print onto the paperbed of the printing press.

The most recent state of this print, Again I think I need at least one more color :). Before I am satisfied.

Clean up can get very stinky, so we like to wear respirators to protect us from the Blanket wash and Varsol fumes.
After printing, the yellow ink needs to be washed out with a lithotine water wash, and then I am rolling up the plate with black Senefelder ink which is much better for long term storage of these plates. After applying a coat of fresh gum arabic, this plate, if stored in a dry environment will last me 100 years and I could still be reused and reprinted.

Joanne is helping me clean the inking rollers.


wee-fi said...

That thing is a MONSTER!

Maria Doering said...

I KNOW!!! ;) I was so scared of it at first! :D But now printing on it is nice. :)

Racheal said...

i will pray for your limbs