Sunday, December 2, 2007

-14 °Celsius and a Dinner/Cookie party :)

Time to take a break from printing and blog about something but work... So here is what I did tonight ;).
After my little Thanksgiving potluck last week Dono aka Charles and Amos invited Laura (my roommate) and me over for Dinner ... the deal was they cook and we bake Laura's famous oatmeal chocolate chip cookies :) and bring those for desert. Of course we live on the other side of town, and of course it was the coldest night so far this winter... -14°C already and this is just the beginning. But we baked, and made our way to the other side of town, and Amos cooked a very nice chicken dish with rice and we drank wine and chatted, laughed a lot, listened to Music then had tea and cookies. And we got to see some more of the video that the two of them made of their family and home country. It was really nice :).

Laura was almost disgusted how i kept eating the raw cookie dough ;). that's the best part!!!

HMMM we made 4 baking sheets of these delicious addictive cookies!

The boys only get half of it though! :)

Dono, Amos and Laura listening to Music..
Laura didn't believe that they listen to any kind of music.. even Linkin Park and System of a Down ;) so they had to prove it!

Anyways. That's all. :)
Less then two weeks before I fly to Georgia. And 11 days until my final critic for this semester.
Still have to finish my 12 - 15 page research paper, and finish at least 2 more prints. So we'll see how it goes. :) I also need to get some ice skates after mine disappeared in the move to Montreal, since Ice skating season has totally started :D.

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