Thursday, November 15, 2007

You are beautiful.

When Fiona was in London she made these beautiful little silkscreen books, and sent me one. On the cover it read "You are beautiful" and it was inspired by a graffiti she saw and also photographed in London (i think). Well I browsed the web and came across the "you are beautiful" site and it made me really happy that we experienced it before knowing about the site. :D


wee-fi said...

We are always part of something bigger, aren't we?

I believe the "you are beautiful" I photographed was in Dublin outside the Museum of Fine Art. But that's really neat : ) I will have to send my photograph in.

Maria Doering said...

definitely!!! :D yeay. i wanna order their stickers :D. or even better make my own.

Racheal said...

i feel beautiful now.