Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Winter is so here. And I am soo looking forward to Georgia ;).

So I haven't posted in a while because I've been quite busy. Unfortunately I can only show a tiny percentage of my recent work. The other prints will be posted when they are completely finished ;). So latest around x-mas time :p. But since most of you (whose address I have) are going to receive a christmas card from me here are some photos of my edition of 60 Christmas card linocuts. Imagine printing on that press 60 x 8 color layers.. ... Anyone want to arm wrestle ;) ?

Before and after printing the next darker blue :).

Monsieur Dono Bei has returned from his month long trip to his home country Tchad. I've had the pleasure to watch the video that he took of his father's house and his mother, sister and a lot of cousins. It made me want to travel to Africa even more! One day!!!
p.s: i totally wanna eat saharian shrimp!! i mean roasted grasshoppers... i mean shrimp .. lol

And he is being quite the entertainer.

He brought me back a beautiful dress (can't wait for it to be warm enough outside to wear it!!), but this is the pattern on it, don't be surprised if this shows up in my prints in the future :).

enough procrastination! I have to work on my Presentation for tomorrow's seminar course. Ew.


wee-fi said...

WOW! I love that pattern :D

Maria Doering said...

i do toooooooo :D

Racheal said...

1. i love that your in the paper goods business now.
2. that print is AWESOME.
3. i'm happy to see you wearing a hat, cocked slightly to tha side

Maria Doering said...
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Maria Doering said...

haha! look what citylife does to me! ;)
.. well the christmas cards are mostly to sent out to my clients to get them interested in buying my shizzle.. ;)

Anonymous said...

i'm a client. i best be getting one.
shit, thats some really good marketing

Maria Doering said...

haha that's right my dear ;). and u are getting one! of course!