Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Student Print Association aka SPA, 50/50 sale.

First of all I would like to sent out a thank you to all of those who bother reading my blog from time to time. :) And a super special thanks to people that dare to comment :D You guys rock!

So then here is a little preview of my new business card that the wonderful Fiona Clark designed for me:

I'm participating in the SPA 50/50 print sale, which is quite nice, the vernissage was tonight, basically everyone ... or well a lot of people in the Print Media department and the Student Print Association gave stacks of prints old and new to be sold at this event. A couple of people put up a lot of those prints Salon style and the price range is $1 - $100, for each sold print the artist receives 50 percent of the price and the rest goes to SPA with which we are helping fund a end of the year show as well as the huge SPA print trade. Supposedly the first day we sold $500 worth of prints, and as they are bought off the wall new ones are put up so it is constantly rotating. Very interesting, very large variety of work.
I took some photos so people get an idea what is produced at Concordia's print media department ;) and maybe why i've been struggling quite a bit.


wee-fi said...

That is a really wonderful idea =) 50/50 sale. Nice.

I saw Lindsey and Pierce in there ; )

Racheal said...

oooo nice cards.

you gotta give a little to get a little

Maria Doering said...

fi: someone asked me if my lithos are photographs... they thought i did a photolitho... didn't believe me that there are people that draw like that...

racheal: totally. you'll get one for christmas when i sent out my christmas cards just make sure i got the correct address