Friday, November 9, 2007

"The Printshop boys" et moi.

Since I am working on prints and nothing finished can be posted I figured I could share some fun photographs of the Printshop-boys and I ... yeah I hang out with men all day/night. It's terrible I don't quite know how it happened either. But they are good guys and have incredible entertainment value so ... yeah we tend to go out sometimes... too often ... after class or after working in the shop.

So this is Chris (aka Nancy aka cupcake) and his girlfriend... ;). Oh yeah for the first time... i wasn't the only girl ;). We hung out at Brutopia, and had delicious onion rings... bad. lol

This was last night at McLean's Pub on Peel street. Fiona and I used to go there all the time, so when it was suggested I was all for it! :)
Chan (aka Dumpling) is one of the Printshop Monitors, him and I tend to agree that Blanket Wash smells like Marzipan. :D He is a funny dude, who know one of my favorite childhood cartoons "Biene Maja".

oh and yea the beer glass is almost the size of his head.

Haha.. no comment necessary.

John told me to play with my hair so he could take a photo.. I told him to fuck off... resulting in Chan pretending to flip his hair up in the air... uhm yeah. special. ;)

Total coincidence. Stephen (aka Susi aka cherry pie) looking at John (aka...cheese cake ;) ) as if he is crazy.

moi (aka Juuulio Gonzales aka... don't have a food name yet)

At the end of the night we ended up at Brutopia again and got bored so John drew a Haida Salmon on my hand ...

Then Stephen's hand turned into a Haida Eagle ( i think), and that eagle just looooooved beer. ;)

I requested a Haida Chicken and dedicated it to Fiona ;).

At the end of the night stephen was flirting with a hot chick and we harrassed him by constantly taking photos ;). I was satisfied with this one... nice pose Mister. ;)


wee-fi said...

WOOOO chikunz!

Maria Doering said...

that's right! :D

Racheal said...

i need to pray to the church of sangria....i've sinned.

Maria Doering said...

lol. you wouldn't believe it they raised the Sangria prices! I couldn't afford even half a pitcher! it's 15 dollars for half, and 23 for full!!!!

wee-fi said...

HOLY MOLY! But that's so damn good sangria. Spirituality doesn't come cheap, y'know

Maria Doering said...

lol.. when u guys come here we should try Carlos and Pepe and see how good their sangria is.. they have 1 dollar tacho/ 1 dollar beer nights sunday and monday supposedly. And a huge pitcher of beer 7 bucks. I saw their Sangria prices are not as bad so i think we should try it. :D

Maria Doering said...

come to find out the girl stephen is flirting with is Austrian and I had a great conversation with her at the 50/50 Print Sale. :D Yeay for German speaking people!