Monday, October 8, 2007

A new chapter. - "The Universe Within"

Finished this print tonight and was so excited that I had to post it before I even erase the gripper marks.
This is a new beginnging and a new direction.
This is a black and white stone litho over which then I printed Offset reduction linocut.

I'm playing with the ideas of bloodline, bodyscape, the universe within every one of us.


Racheal said...

first thing i thought when i saw it was "oooo bodyscape version 2?"

oh creating!
wait...what scape of body is this? hands?

Maria Doering said...

that's funny racheal! I am actually recycling the photoshoot of the bodyscapes.. we took somewhere around 5000000 photos lol so there is plenty to work with ;), the second one is in creation. no this is one of my back, the shoulderblades squeezed together.

Anonymous said...

Hi darlin, I'm glad I found this! I miss you hope youre doing well up there.

Maria Doering said...

hey julie, i'm good, how about you?.. just let me know which julie you are =). I know 4 different julie's =).

Anonymous said...

julie b! wheres my gunpowder tea!?

Maria Doering said...

haha!!! u need to visit me for some hardcore breakfast! i'm glad u told me which julie haha because i definitely thought u were the wrong one :p.