Saturday, October 13, 2007

More drawings and a rather hillarious movie night at the Printshop

I bought some large smooth Fabriano paper, it's about half the size of those huge earlier drawings.

A new one that is not quite resolved. But i started scratching the paper with an xacto and then rubbed charcoal in it to get a really dark delicate line.

The third drawing that is not quite resolved yet.

Well and then I got invited to attend a printshop movienight, where the usual crew projected a movie onto the crit-wall. It was quite entertaining... and we stored the beer in the Tint Base cabinette.

John decided to show stephen some love... hope his girlfriend won't be jealous ;).

Stephen getting even more love..

But then it was Chan's turn to be loved by chris... Yes they had to hold him down.

;) Danielle is helping, of course. And we all had a good laugh at the end of the night. To be repeated soon.

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