Thursday, October 11, 2007

maria is thinking outside the box... right.

had a critique yesterday, prof. basically didn't like what i am doing and told me to make some huge drawings to get me to think outside of the box.. so I made 2 HUGE drawings ...and it was fun and it reminded me of highschool and the large paintings i used to do... but I don't feel like i am thinking outside the box yet and i don't know how this is supposed to translate into my print-work... oh man ;) but here they are.


Anonymous said...

whooooooa...its so not your typical and i love it!!! do more of these!!

Maria Doering said...

and then? it's on newsprint so it's not going to last... these people here need a justification for anything i do... i don't know why i do these..

wee-fi said...

nice : D