Monday, October 1, 2007

Concorida's "Print Media Shop" aka my new home

Alrighty, so this is where I have been spending day and night for the most part of the last month or so. The "elephant trunks" coming down from the ceiling are flexible fume hoods, crazy, i know. ;) This is the Litho side, with I believe 3 direct litho presses. One small dufa proofing offset press, one large motorized Mailänder offset press, a Vandercook lithopress and a shiteload of huge litho stones.

The Graining station. And some of the HUUUGE lithostones.

My little dufa baby in the back :D. Oh and to solve the constant shortage of mixing palettes, they just made most of the tables one huge glass palette ;).

This little room, is probably the most expensive (airbrush only!) spraybooth I have ever seen. Custom built and only useful when you do aquatins for etching, everyone else has to use the spraybooth downstairs in the building.

The etching side of life.

More of the etching side just from the other angle :).

They also have a screenprinting room (also huge) with a UV set up, oh and there are 2 darkrooms for photolitho, also huge that I forgot to take photos of. Oh and an entire section is for papermaking! Also huge. lol which I also forgot to photograph.

So yeah, the shop is the 9th floor of the "EV" building, Engeneering and Visual Arts in one building... hmm.. its a strange combo ;) when you see artstudents running around next too people wearing nice polo shirts.

More of the view from the shop.
Most of the building around are actually more concordia buildings. The little green in the back is Mount Royal with its little plattform where you can overlook the city.

the view from the etching side of life.

more of that.

So yeah that's it for now. :p


wee-fi said...

Oh man, I remember seeing that place with you for the first time! We were like... "Holy crap!!!!" : ) The views are so clutch in that joint. Lots of sunshine on my window for you, my love!!!

Maria Doering said...

yeah! ... wait.. "clutch"??? lol