Sunday, September 23, 2007

Montreal & my new home

To those of you who didn't know. I am officially located in Montreal Canada now. I am doing my 3 year MFA here and I am loving it so far.

My drawing table is stationed between the kitchen and the hallway, we have another little open room that now houses my drawing table and our kitchen table.

Living room.

view from kitchen into dining room into hallway.


at park La fontaine near the big park near Mont Royal metro :). I love it there.

Riviere st. Laurent, or the St Lawrence river this is down in Verdun/ Lasalle where i loooove to go rollerblading when the weather is nice.. 6-10 miles of just beautiful park and riverfront. And a pretty sweet rollerblade/bikepath.

more of the riverfront.

Parc La Fontaine at night...

Ode to

Thomas "Papa" Doering

who helped me move to Montreal and kept my brain afloat in the process! He also lent his muscles to make the impossible possible!

To celebrate we went to eat sushi on St. Denis and got tipsy off sake!

unfortunately the parc and apartment pictures are all i got before my camera broke. So I unfortunately can't show photos of the sweet printshop and my studio space yet. And the city in general of course.
I spent till 3:00 am in the printshop last night and i LOOOOVE it! :)


wee-fi said...

Awwwwweeee-your apartment looks really adorable! I cannot wait to visit! Sunshine on my window makes me happy!

Maria Doering said...

thanks fi! i can't wait for you to visit either! :D the funny thing is I never got to take a photo of my actual bedroom... i mean nest :D but its probably better that way... its impossible to keep it from chaos, coz its so small and cozy.

Anonymous said...

awww. xo!