Monday, August 6, 2007

Printzero 5 annual Print Exchange

Hello Friends,
I am participating in this years Print zero exchange. Which is connected to a traveling show as well.
All prints sent in could have been done in any printmaking technique not including digital. And had to be 5x7 inch in total papersize with an Edition of 15.

The print that I had sent in can be seen with others at:

more info's about print zero and more images soon at:

August 2007
Sev Shoon / BallardWorks
Seattle, Washington

October 2007
Print Walls Gallery
Univ. of Wisconsin
Madison, Wisconsin

October 2007
Rainbow Building Gallery
Univ. of Miami
Coral Gables, Florida

November 2007
Gallery 214 @ PNCA
Pacific Northwest College of Arts (PNCA)
Portland, Oregon

** December 2007 **
(looking for venue)
New Orleans, Louisiana

March 2008
Pratt Fine Arts Gallery @ Tashiro Kaplan
Seattle, Washington