Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Passau - my hometown.

Here are the photos from my visit in my home town Passau in Germany. This is where I lived until I was 15 years old.

This is the River "Inn".

This tower was used in the salt trade hundreds of years ago.

view from the Inn bridge onto the oldest part of Passau with it's Dome Cathedral

My dearest Gran and I at the Granith museum in Hauzenberg.

Granith Museum.

The lake at the Granith Museum.

burned tree

This little alley is full of galleries and workshops, museums and fabulous little cafes and restaurants.

City hall.

at the edge of the "Donau" aka Danube river

Flying over Austria.

Flying over the Danube river on the way to London.


Anonymous said...

I miss Passau!

wee-fi said...

beautiful : D