Friday, July 6, 2007

more of Provence, Camargue, Languedoc Rossilion regions

after almost a week of stomach virus and a cold ... with terrible weather outside I finally recoverd and planed a new trip....

Arles! Where our dear Vincent van Gogh lost his mind in the Mistral wind and the summer heat ;). This was the arena.

IT was SO windy.... hi .. my name is hairy. ;)

That is the Mistral wind coming down the Rhone river. It supposedly makes people crazy.. and no kidding i saw 6 signs for psychologists and psychiatrists while walking through the oldest part of the city.

This .... is for fiona.. found it on a wall in Arles.. sorry forgot to turn the image sideways.

This is the beautiful flatness of Carmague... you can look on forever.. in this case though i snuck into someone's wine field.. lol

Beautiful grapes turn into beautiful wine.. is what i decided.. lol

This is the view I have when I drive the 10 km from Fressac where I am staying to St. Hippolyte du fort.


and more sunflowers...


Anonymous said...

You so hairy my child,och i live you and the sunflowers hihihi
bussi mama

Anonymous said...

i mean i love you not i live you *lol*

wee-fi said...

ahhhhhhhhh le sigh! All those photos were for ME! Cause I <3 them alllll. And I LOVE YOU!!! I miss your ass....and I guess everything else too! UH OH!!!

MWAH!!!! Have fun ya hooker cause I know I AM!!!!!! yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

Maria Doering said...

haha i love you too mutti! I took photos of sunflower fields today just for you :p

Fiona: I was tempted to take a photo of my ass and sent it to you lol but.. uhmm.. probably not the best idea.. lol. On another not I did manage to get you a bag full of fresh air from here! So look forward to it! I'm importing fresh air! :) lol actually the only photo that was really for you was the one of the spraypainted duck in a suit :p. love you :p

John Hilston said...

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