Sunday, July 8, 2007

La Mer des Rochers or .. my return to Sauve

Hello Friends and loyal followers :).

Today I started packing and cleaning for the next part of my trip. I hate having to pack and clean all the same day so I am spreading out over 3 days. Every morning before I shower ;). I actually did make any plans for today because the weather looked semi crappy this morning. By lunch time it had cleared up a bit for the day and I decided to go back to the little town that is only 7 minutes by car from here. Sauve. It's a medieval town built on a hill with a little river flowing on the bottom.. just the way one imagines medieval towns . :) I went and sat in a cafe in one of the 3 or 4 little market squares and did some drawing. After that I decided to go against my cousins threat that she would kill me if I enter 'la mer des rochers' because the towns priest had gotten lost in there a couple of months back and died. Its basically a natural rock labyrinth with hiking trails up to 20 km long. And I am not stupid I can read the yellow red and blue arrows that help you through the labyrinth. So basically it was incredible!! I had no idea what to expect! But it was so damn beautiful! And of course I found my way out and there were at least 30 other tourists and locals on the trails anyways ;). Maybe I'll go back if its not raining tomorrow, this time with good hiking shoes and the right clothes. And I'll do the 20 km trail :). SO BEAUTIFUL!

In the streets of Sauve.

I have entered the forbidden maze ... lol


These Rocks have the coolest textures! Nature as the master Sculptur!


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