Saturday, July 7, 2007

Arles con't and Marketday at Uzes!

First off a little adventure from last week... while the weather was so bad we (my cousin, her husband and 3 other guests ) decided to go eat at this wonderful restaurant.. which is run by these two elderly people, it is reservations and weekend only. It is a tiny restaurant where you walk through the kitchen to get to your table. very nice. The food was of course wonderful. But here is the catch. We are located at the very edge of the mountainrange "les cevennes" ...the restaurant is in the middle of "les cevennes" 20 minutes drive up into the mountains ... the road is not made to fit one car... or any cars and the traffic goes both ways. It is an intense ride ... the weather was crappy but we made it up and back down without falling off the steep side of the road.

Anyways here are some more photos from my Arles expedition.

pretty houses with pretty HUGE windows.. I want one!

the street that van gogh walked... lol

Today being Saturday it was Marketday in Uzes. By far one of my favorite places .... since I was probably... 8 years old or so? The entire town turns into one huge market. Every little side street and the big Place des Herbes Marketsquare (with a beautiful fountain in the middle)turns into a huge market. There always locals that come to these markets to get there weekly fill of fresh vegetables, fruit, meat,fish, olives..etc.. and of course Herbes.. and even soap, honey, clothes, pottery .. basically anything you could ever want. I love it. It is very colorful and extremely full of people. Of course it attracts lots of other tourists. But well worth the crowd.

This is the Places des Herbes, the Herb-marketsquare.

And here of course a photo for mutti... on the way back from Uzes, I passed some sunflower fields.

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